MRHS President's Message

Spring, 2021

Hello everyone! Well, this has certainly been an eventful year! Who would have thought we would still be wrestling this COVID beast over a year later? While still being careful, people are dipping their toes tentatively in the water so to speak. Starting to feel they may be able to venture out a bit. But that means different things to each of us. Depending upon your age, if you have been vaccinated, how populated your area is and so forth, you may feel more or less comfortable.

With all of that in mind, we have determined an in-person convention is still not the best choice for this year. The hotel and our convention hosts have again worked diligently and cooperatively to 'postpone' the convention once again. Thankfully, this whole mess (what other word can one use to explain this whole worldwide situation?), has not resulted in any penalties to our organization so that is great. Again, we extend our thanks and support to everyone who has worked so hard on this never ending (never started?) convention!

When this all started, just over a year ago, none of us new how long it would last, how to 'zoom', or any number of things related to this whole thing. Your board decided to basically skip any meeting, thinking it could not last too long, could it? And what do we do?

Well, now we are a bit more informed, and we now know we cannot live in suspended animation. So, although a live convention is still off the table, we do plan on having an 'un-convention-al' meeting on June 24, 2021 at 6:30pm. We will have a brief business meeting - vote on the budget, have election of officers, and any other business that needs our attention. We value our Montgomery Award recipient and feel it only right to give that person their moment to shine, so that will be carried over until next year.

We will have Bob Solberg as our speaker. He always provides an entertaining and relaxed program and I am sure he will not disappoint. He is developing a new program just for us! We hope you can join us. Later in this newsletter you will see the proposed budget as well as the proposed slate of officers for your consideration. Please let us know before the meeting if you have any questions about the budget so we can address them at the meeting. Please let us know of any other concerns you may have as well.

**If there are any nominations from the floor for the below published slate of officers, they must be submitted to Barry Ankney, nominations chair, by June 1, 2021. **

This newsletter printing's call for nominations from the floor will Midwest Regional Hosta Society. Spring 2021, page 3 be considered the official call for nominations. We will not be asking for nominations from the floor at the zoom meeting as that is too difficult to manage. So again, if you want to nominate someone for a position 'from the floor', you need to contact Barry by June 1.

Later this fall we are planning another zoom presentation by Glenn Harold. Date and topic to be determined so stay tuned for that as well! We know this past year has been a challenge for everyone, and we are trying to bring you some fun things to look forward to! We hope you can join us!

Happy gardening,

Mary Schwartzbauer
MRHS President
17190 Neill Path
Hastings, MN 55033-8729
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